I really should not be doing because it’s really painful
for me but I figured writing about it would probably take
away the pain or maybe reduce it so here I go. This
article might probably not make a whole lot of sense but
what’s the harm in writing and you taking a little time
off from the stress of the day by reading it?
It has been a crazy 2013 for me, many ups and downs
but nothing really beats the month of November when
things really went downhill for me and it had to do with
matters of the heart where I really hurt some awesome
people in my life (okay, I am a little bit emotional when it
involves these kind of issues which I admit). I wouldn’t
go into the finer details of what really happened that has
prompted this write up because it would probably bore
you out of your skin and I wouldn’t want that. I would
only be talking about lessons learnt after which might be
valuable to hold on to or not.
Sometimes you just get this crazy feeling that you are on
the right step and you keep moving towards it without
caring whose ox is gored but there is a small detail you
never take serious till you learn about it the hard and
painful way and its RESPECT. I took some crazy
decisions, said some things I did mean without caring
how these people would feel on the long run and it has
come back to hurt me. How would you feel if you were in
the person’s shoe and the individual did those hurtful
things you just did without any regard for your feelings?
Before you take that life changing decision that would
likely impact the life of those close ones around you, ask
yourself if they would be better off with or without it.
Greed is a vice that we really underestimate as humans
because it only benefits us on the short run but has
devastating effects on the long run. Don’t put people
through the kind of pain you would not like to be put
It has been a long walk to make things up. We were all
created with different ideas and cultures so before you
act, you need to understand that person’s feelings,
thoughts, beliefs and ideas to understand if your action
would get in the way. I have learnt that a midpoint can
always be arrived at that could be beneficial to both
parties. Don’t let past mistakes and experiences
influence how you would treat people. Okay, so a girl
hurt you in the past, you decide that every girl on the
surface of the earth that comes in contact with you has
to suffer for it. You don’t value things till they are almost
out of your grasp before you realize what a fool you
have been for not acknowledging their existence
beforehand. It’s really crazy when things don’t really
move the way you planned them to be. I almost lost
some ‘dope’ people in my life because of my greed and
my ‘bigheadedness’ and getting a second chance in
their lives has been at the forefront of my struggles ever
since. I have learnt my lessons the painful way and the
fact my conscience still pricks me is a real big issue for
me. You make mistakes in life and how well you stand
up determines how well you are taken serious. Don’t be
in my shoes where you have to keep apologizing when a
little discretion would have saved you. How you respect
other people’s feelings goes a long way in determining
how well you would live a successful life. The people
closest to us have the ability to hurt the most and yet
have the ability to heal us the best.
So that’s it, maybe in years to come, you would
probably read my autobiography that talks about those
things that really happened in November 2013 that made
me learn important lessons and see the bigger pictures
to every story and which hopefully have made me a
better person.